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Investing Kenitra free export zone

The project, launched on 18 November 2015, consisted of all aspects of the construction of a plant for HIRSCHMANN in the Kenitra free export zone.

The project involved the design and execution of the work to extend the Hirschmann Automotive Kenitra plant covering a surface area of 25,000 m², within a timeframe of 9 months. The contract concerned:

  • The construction of a steel-framed production unit occupying a surface area of  6,300 m²
  • The construction of two steel-framed storage warehouses occupying a surface area of 5,100 m²
  • The construction of a reinforced concrete, single-storey building housing technical facilities covering a surface area of 640 m²
  • The construction of a reinforced concrete, two-storey building housing social facilities, with a surface area of 2,000 m² for a total floor area of 14,000 m²


The work also involved the renovation of the old plant’s social facilities and their connection to the new facilities.

The Hirschmann project was delivered on 10 January 2017.

25,000 m² of total area
9 months of work

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