A full service contractor

Support from A to Z

Erecting towers, developing tourist facilities, renovating schools, designing more functional hospitals… To succeed in these complex projects, Bouygues Bâtiment International relies on over 50 years of experience during which we enriched our know-how with the best practices encountered on the 5 continents.

Our activities therefore span the entire construction value chain, in order to meet a single objective: customer satisfaction. Our added value is thus optimal when we are involved upstream of a project, from its design phase, and expresses itself beyond the act of building in the maintenance and operation of our works.


A worldwide procurement network

Because optimization between price and quality is the key of a successful project, Bouygues Batiment International is fully committed in finding the most innovative and cost-effective solutions matching our clients’ requirements. We rely on the Bouygues Group procurement centers located in numerous parts of the world: in China, Europe, the Middle East and South America. We operate within the framework of the globalized purchasing policy and we benefit from its strength. As a local company, we are in the same time able to provide local tools and greater proximity. That’s what makes us different.


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