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Wong and Ouyang
Duration of works
34 mois
Hong Kong

One of the symbols of the business district of Hong Kong

The Island Shangri-La and The Conrad (Pacific Places II project, 1988 – 1991) are two 56 and 62 storey towers built top and down in the heart of Hong Kong’s business district, a first on this scale. A very old revered tree will be preserved, including its roots during the excavation, the Chinese tradition that a dragon sleeps under it.

305,000 m² of surface area
250,000 m3 of concrete
1,184 Rooms

Specific techniques

These two towers are built on a “Podium” infrastructure of ten levels made using the “top and down” method. This method allowed the simultaneous realization of floors and earthworks in under-work and this in parallel with that of the vertical structures which support the floor of the two towers. These works were carried out during the construction of the two towers.


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