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April 2019
United Venture Development
Dragages Singapore
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We build modular

In April 2016, United Venture Development commissioned Dragages Singapore to build an ambitious new housing project on Clementi Avenue, in the heart of a residential and student district in western Singapore. To take up this challenge, the company proposed a significant change in the way that we build buildings today, and a revolution in construction methodology: building in modular! The Clement Canopy building is composed of 1,899 modules and consists of two 140 m high towers, the tallest ever built in modular concrete.

Clement Canopy project is a set of two towers built in modular construction, more precisely in PPVC, (prefabricated and pre-finished volumetric construction). Modules are prefabricated in the factory, including most interior and exterior finishes, before being brought to the site for assembly.

1,899 Modules
505 Apartments
2 towers

Focus on the modular solutions

Dragages Singapore is the modular construction laboratory for Bouygues B√Ętiment International, which aims to become the only global player to offer complete production control: design, module manufacture, transport, logistics, installation and coordination of all trades on and off site! Thanks to this new methodology, it is now possible to built faster, better, on a more cost-effective way, safer and greener!


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