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Delivery Date
Dec. 2014
Barwa Financial District
Bouygues Batiment International

One of the largest real estate complex in the Middle East

Bouygues B√Ętiment International has delivered one of the biggest property development projects in the world in partnership with the Qatari companies Midmac Contracting Company w.l.l. and Aljaber Engineering l.l.c. The Qatar Petroleum District, also known as the QP District, includes nine office blocks, the tallest of which has 52 levels, a five-star hotel complex with more than 400 rooms, a shopping centre, a conference centre, a mosque and all the car parks and external facilities required by these complexes.

Aside from its sheer size, the principal challenge of this project lay in organisation. Logistics management was one of the biggest challenges as the quantity of materials used was breathtaking: up to 1,000 m3 of concrete and between six and ten semi-trailers of steel per day during the structural works phase. To increase storage space on-site, an intermediary storage site was set up outside the city, some 30 minutes from the site. A team of roughly ten people worked on scheduling for the construction site, optimising procurement and taking account of the risks in the country.

400 rooms
5 stars hotel
52 storey


To set up the security system most suitable for the nine towers and three underground levels that make up the QP District, Alcea Qatar performed a technical study to draw up an implementation plan. The system included features such as access control, physical obstacles, X-ray screening, worker protection and anti-intrusion video surveillance. In total, more than 3 000 cameras and 2,500 access control points were installed at the site.

For the safety of site workers during the installation of posts and girders on the outside of the building, a coupled system of rail-guiding and crane-hoisting was used. This also prevented falls over four levels simultaneously.


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